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Meet Big Daz

Ok! Now I want you to meet some of the crew you may come across when you deal with us! Big Daz has been a veteran member for Townsville 4WD Centre over the years and has helped us deliver most of our vehicles to you! All his vehicles have come from us and reckons he wouldn't have it any other way! He loves his fishing as well and loves a good 4WD adventure!

Daz loves his adventures soo much, that he even made a DVD capturing the best of his 4WD and fishing adventures!

Their search for the best Barra and estuary fishing has taken them from tropical North Queensland right across the top end of Australia. Dazza's knowledge and fishing skills is way more than a five year olds' and he can drive a 4x4 pretty good although he does get bogged a fair bit and seems to hit a lot of cows and roos an shit.  But one things for sure, he luvs his rum as much as his mates luv their beer.  So sit back, have a drink, put ya feet up and enjoy one of Dazza's Fishin' n Drinkin' Adventures.


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"I just purchased this vehicle and am extremely happy with the service in which I received at Townsville 4wd centre. After doing the rounds of every dealership in Townsville I wouldn't go anywhere else!"  Greg Smith


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