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Fishin n 4WDrivin!

Townsville 4WD Centre has always been heavily into fishing and has been a major supporter of a local fishing club. Last weekend saw the clubs second year for its fishing challenge where new friendships were made and fish were caught amongst a lot of beers! Young Jack was one of the competitors who we met up there and over a few beers soon told me he was in need of a new 4X4.




Jack has never had finance before and we set about to get him the right vehicle at the right price. Not to mention to get him a foot in the door with is finance and start building some credit history. Slayin fish one weekend, then burning around in one of the nicest GLX-R Tritons I've laid eyes on the next. Good to meet ya mate, and catch ya on the water soon!






Need Finance? We can put you in touch with finance consultants, who can help you structure a simple repayment plan. Our aim is to provide a suitable vehicle that fits your budget.

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"I just purchased this vehicle and am extremely happy with the service in which I received at Townsville 4wd centre. After doing the rounds of every dealership in Townsville I wouldn't go anywhere else!"  Greg Smith


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