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Reef trip proves fruitful!!

As you probably already know, Townsville is blessed with clear skies and sun filled days. Townsville is situated south of Cairns and north of Mackay and these 2 towns boast some of the most prolific annual rainfalls on the east coast. Townsville however avoids the mad floods and tends to have a string of good weather that allows many to go out and enjoy the inshore islands and reefs. However this year has been a dry and windy one, and when the weather man said the winds were coming down, the boat was packed in search for some of the best eating table fish in Australia. We weren't disappointed with coral trout on the chew as well as red throat emperor, green jobfish, purple maori cod, mackerel and iron jaw snapper. A short hour and half drive in the work troopy saw us launch at the very accommodating Dungeness ramp early, and another hour and a half later until we wet our first line. The action started off slow and we worked our way into a feeding frenzy in the afternoon. Here's some of the shots from the weekend!




The smiles say it all! How good is that!


Its all action at Townsville 4WD Centre! With long hours at work and all of our spare time spent fishing, its hard to find the extra time needed to clean the fish! So why not do it a work!!!!


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"I just purchased this vehicle and am extremely happy with the service in which I received at Townsville 4wd centre. After doing the rounds of every dealership in Townsville I wouldn't go anywhere else!"  Greg Smith


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