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4lb Challenge fishing comp

As you probably already know, Townsville 4WD Centre has been a major sponsor of the 4lb club where fishing light is the main objective! Whether your catching whiting, sooty's, bream or as some of our members have done, catching metre plus barra! It doesn't matter as long as your having fun then everyone's a winner! Here's some pics of the last comp only a few weeks ago! Like we have said before...If we are not here, we're on the dirt on our way fishing!


Fishin n 4WDrivin!

Townsville 4WD Centre has always been heavily into fishing and has been a major supporter of a local fishing club. Last weekend saw the clubs second year for its fishing challenge where new friendships were made and fish were caught amongst a lot of beers! Young Jack was one of the competitors who we met up there and over a few beers soon told me he was in need of a new 4X4.



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Meet Big Daz

Ok! Now I want you to meet some of the crew you may come across when you deal with us! Big Daz has been a veteran member for Townsville 4WD Centre over the years and has helped us deliver most of our vehicles to you! All his vehicles have come from us and reckons he wouldn't have it any other way! He loves his fishing as well and loves a good 4WD adventure!

Daz loves his adventures soo much, that he even made a DVD capturing the best of his 4WD and fishing adventures!

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Going the extra mile!!!

With the recent introduction of Townsville 4WD Centre on Facebook, we have seen a lot of fresh interest from those who find it easier to send us a message about a particular vehicle rather than call or email. On Facebook you can physically see the vehicle and its relevant details first and simply inquire about finance or trade ins! Its easy! We all know how difficult it is to relay messages and missed phone calls because of work out in the field. Here's a perfect example! Lucinda works out west and contacted us via Facebook about a vehicle she had seen on there. Within a day or two her finance was completed through our brokers and we made arrangements for her to pick up her new car on her next days off! It seemed too easy, but with the way social media has dominated our lifestyle, its just one more avenue to make life easier for everyone! Thank you Lucinda for choosing Townsville 4WD Centre it was an absolute pleasure to meet you!

Hows this! If haven't met Pat Fallon one of our sales team members you haven't lived! If you call us about anything more than likely you will be dealing with Pat. Recently Pat was dealing with Mr and Mrs Robertson about purchasing a secondhand 200 series and trading in their old Prado. The problem was, how remote the Robertsons are! Pat stuck his hand up and personally delivered the vehicle out to them and swapped vehicles, sorting out all the paperwork as well. Whatever it takes to make life easier! That's what we try to achieve here and is one reason why we see so much return business! Once you deal with Townsville 4WD Centre, you instantly become a part of Townsville 4WD Centre!


If we're not at work, we're on the dirt or fishing!

Its not all work here at Townsville 4WD Centre! We love providing you with top quality vehicles but we also love our four wheel driving and fishing as well.Some of our deliveries have taken us to some of the most remote locations, and it only made sense to pack a rod and have a fish along the way! In this blog you can follow some of our journeys into north Austraila the Northern Territory.

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"I just purchased this vehicle and am extremely happy with the service in which I received at Townsville 4wd centre. After doing the rounds of every dealership in Townsville I wouldn't go anywhere else!"  Greg Smith


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